Annoying Orange (!)

The infamous annoying orange created by Dane Boedigheimer will have his debut on the Cartoon Network in half an hour episodes. Since his youtube debut in October 2009, the nasty fruit consolidated 89 million  exasperated viewers. As of June 2011, this fruity channel is ranked as the eighth most subscribed channel, and 30th most viewed. There are currently more than 2,000,000 subscribers to the YouTube channel realannoyingorange. The series is centered on an anthropomorphic orange named The Annoying Orange, (often simply referred to as “orange”) voiced by Dane Boedigheimer. Boedigheimer’s partner, Spencer Grove, writes the plot of the majority of the episodes. Orange resides on a kitchen counter, which he shares with his best friend Pear, a Bartlett pear, also voiced by Boedigheimer. Other fruits on the counter include Passion, a female passionfruit played by Justine Ezarik, Grapefruit, the “tough” guy in the kitchen, a tiny apple known to everyone as Midget Apple, a small marshmallow called Marshmallow, and an elderly lemon called Grandpa Lemon. Most episodes consist of Orange heckling other characters, the latter of which often become annoyed and meet a sudden and gruesome end, usually by eviscerationwith a chef’s knife (although the implements used to cut them up range from a blender to a toy pinwheel). Comically, Orange tries to warn them about it before it happens, by blurting out the weapon-in-use, such as “Knife!”

To animate the characters, Boedigheimer superimposes the voice actor’s eyes and mouth onto the object they are playing. For instance, Boedigheimer uses his own eyes and mouth to play both Orange and Pear (although Orange’s mouth has been slightly modified, so that it has a distinctive orange tint to it, while the color of Pear’s mouth is unadjusted) and does the same for all guest actors who voice the animated characters.

Orange has several recurring mannerisms. He often begins an episode by stating “Hey, (name of character)!” until they get frustrated enough to respond, and often refers to said character as a play on the object’s name or appearance (e.g., in the second episode, he calls a pumpkin “Plumpkin” throughout the episode). He also annoys people by telling rude and offensive jokes, burping, and making childish noises with his tongue. Orange has a braying laugh as annoying as his voice, and he often tells the objects he annoys, “You’re an apple!” if he does not like them.

As a game

A video game named Kitchen Carnage was released for the iPod Touch and iPhone on April 7, 2011. The game was later released in HD for the iPad on May 6, 2011 and for Android devices on October 14, 2011. Players throw various produce items across the kitchen at a series of blenders and other kitchen utensils. The game was developed by Bottle Rocket Apps.

And the TV debut…

Boedigheimer has confirmed that he and production companies Gagfilms and The Collective have started producing six episodes for anAnnoying Orange television series spin-off. The series’ executive producers are Dane Boedigheimer, Conrad Vernon and Tom Shepherd; the co-executive producers are Spencer Grove, Robert Jennings and Kevin Brueck. The pilot is written by Dane Boedigheimer, Spencer Grove and Tom Shepherd. According to Boedigheimer, the show contains the main characters as in the Internet series, but it takes place on a fruit-vending cart rather than in the kitchen as it was in the YouTube series. It has been picked up by Cartoon Network and will premiere in 2012.

We love this!!!


Here is a list of episodes from The Annoying Orange web series. Since January 2010, new episodes have been released on a weekly basis, with a few exceptions.

Annoying Orange Episodes

Episode # Title Air date Prod. code
1 The Annoying Orange October 9, 2009 101
Orange annoys an apple.
2 Plumpkin October 29, 2009 102
Orange meets a pumpkin, but can’t resist calling him “Plumpkin”.
3 TOE-MAY-TOE December 4, 2009 103
Orange mistakes a tomato for an apple, and then has a debate with him on whether he is a fruit or a vegetable.
4 Sandy Claus December 23, 2009 104
Orange meets a Santa Claus doll and gets on the top of his naughty list by annoying him.
5 More Annoying Orange January 15, 2010 105
Orange meets another orange that is also annoying.
6 Hey YOUTUBE!!! January 15, 2010 106
Orange explains to his viewers about his new YouTube channel.
7 Wazzup! January 22, 2010 107
Orange and an apple, two bananas, a kiwi, and a lemon recreate an old Budweiser commercial.
8 Super Bowl Football January 29, 2010 108
Orange gets involved in a debate with a soccer ball and a football, and then annoys the football.
9 Annoying Saw February 5, 2010 109
Orange and an eggplant are kidnapped by Jigsaw. The episode is a parody of Saw
10 Passion of the Fruit February 19, 2010 110
Orange meets a passionfruit and falls in love with her, but their love affair is ruined when a grapefruit arrives.
11 Orange Gets Autotuned February 26, 2010 111
Orange meets an iPhone and at first finds him boring, but the view is then changed when the iPhone autotunes him.
12 A Cheesy Episode March 5, 2010 112
Orange annoys a wedge of cheese which causes the cheese to wish he was dead.
13 Luck o’ the Irish March 12, 2010 113
Orange finds a pot of gold that belongs to Liam, a leprechaun, but refuses to return it to him. Orange then receives a whistling pinwheel that irritates Liam.
14 Prank Call #1: Tanning Salon March 19, 2010 114
Orange makes a prank call to a tanning salon.
15 Annoying Super Mario March 26, 2010 115
Mario takes on Orange in Bowser‘s dungeon while trying to save Princess Peach.
16 Muddy Buddy April 2, 2010 116
Orange meets a potato, mistakes him for Pear‘s brother, and annoys him by blowing an air horn.
17 Excess Cabbage April 9, 2010 117
Orange tries to annoy a stalk of celery, but feels upset because if he annoys him, he will get chopped. So his friend, a cabbage, tries to help Orange out.
18 The Annoying Trailer April 16, 2010 118
trailer for upcoming episodes, featuring the introduction of a disembodied voice.
19 The Cursed Onion Ring Tape April 23, 2010 119
The cursed video tape from “The Onion Ring”.
20 The Onion Ring April 23, 2010 120
Four friends watch a cursed video tape and incur the wrath of Orange, causing them to become onion rings. The episode is a parody of the 2002 horror film, The Ring.
21 Wazzup 2: Wasssabi April 30, 2010 121
Another old Budweiser commercial is recreated by Orange, Pear, a lemon, some sushi, and a dollop of wasabi horseradish.
22 Pain-apple May 7, 2010 122
Orange meets a pineapple and quickly becomes offended by his attitude with a mutual feeling.
23 Pacmania May 14, 2010 123
Orange and Pac-Man trade places to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man’s release. Orange fights the ghosts while Pac-Man annoys Pear in the kitchen.
24 Picture Contest May 21, 2010 124
Orange is mad at the voice because there’s no new episode for the week, so he decides to come up with a picture contest for the fans.
25 Grapefruit’s Revenge May 28, 2010 125
Orange, Pear, and Passion meet Grapefruit’s sister, who believes that Orange killed her brother.
26 Grandpa Lemon June 4, 2010 126
Orange meets an elderly lemon who is very hard to annoy, largely because he is forgetful and has a habit of falling asleep.
27 Picture Contest Winners! June 11, 2010 127
Orange and the voice announce the winners of the picture contest.
28 Back to the Fruiture June 11, 2010 128
Orange is visited by two future versions of himself and is asked to save the world with his whistling pinwheel which Pear has taken and won’t give back.
29 Mystery Guest June 18, 2010 129
Orange is shown in various scenes and poses that fans suggested. Viewers are then warned that in the next episode, annoying gets an upgrade.
30 Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!! June 24, 2010 130
Orange takes on Fred Figglehorn in Pesterfest 2010, a competition created by Liam the Leprechaun to find out who is more annoying.
31 Orange of July July 1, 2010 131
Orange celebrates Independence Day with a watermelon, a firecracker, and some fireworks at a park.
32 The Orange Cup July 8, 2010 132
Soccer Ball, from “Super Bowl Football” returns. Orange annoys him with a vuvuzela.
33 Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples July 16, 2010 133
Orange meets several green apples and is convinced they are mutants because they, except for one, aren’t red. He also finds another ability to annoy people with:beatboxing.
34 Lady Pasta July 23, 2010 201
Orange meets a spaghetti singing sensation, Lady Pasta.
35 Cruel as a Cucumber July 30, 2010 202
Orange’s good and bad sides try to help him impress Cucumber, the coolest food in the kitchen.
36 Crabapple August 6, 2010 203
Orange meets a crabapple with a surly demeanor, as well as Midget Apple, a very small apple who prefers to be called “Little Apple”.
37 Million Clones August 13, 2010 204
One million people have subscribed to Orange’s YouTube channel. To celebrate, Orange gets cloned a million times, despite Pear’s objections.
38 Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind August 20, 2010 205
Orange and Pear are abducted by a race of broccoli aliens that wish to dissect them.
39 The Sitcom August 27, 2010 206
The Annoying Orange becomes a sitcom, where after losing a poker game, Orange is forced by a pepper to admit how he feels about Passion.
40 Going Walnuts September 3, 2010 207
Orange drives an easily irritable walnut crazy with stupid puns and bad knock-knock jokes.
41 Wazzup 3: Bonsai Tree September 16, 2010 208
bonsai tree (played by Rivers Cuomo) and a party platter (played by the other members of Weezer) join Orange, Pear, and Midget Apple for another “Wazzup”.
42 Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap September 24, 2010 209
Jigsaw returns and tries to recruit Orange as his apprentice so he can annoy his next victim, a marshmallow to death. The plan backfires when Marshmallow proves to be as annoying as Orange.
43 No More Mr. Knife Guy October 1, 2010 210
After a brief argument with a piece of ginger over whether he has a soul, Orange encounters Knife. He talks about his hard life while Pear tries to figure out a Ouijaboard. In the end, Knife reveals his greatest fear: a knife sharpener.
44 Happy Birthday October 8, 2010 211
Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and a lime throw a surprise birthday party for Orange.
45 The Exploding Orange October 15, 2010 212
Orange learns what happens when a fruit gets the hiccups as a kiwi explodes, and then gets them himself.
46 Frankenfruit October 29, 2010 213
Pear and Midget Apple tell ghost stories for Halloween about characters. These monsters come to life, thanks in part to a vengeful Grapefruit and a cursed hotdog.
47 Theme Song Attack! November 5, 2010 214
Orange finds out that Pear, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Knife, and even a plum have theme songs, so he has Marshmallow and Midget Apple write him one.
48 The Annoying Pear November 12, 2010 215
Orange is sick, so Pear has to be annoying for him. However, all he can do is anger Passion and make a turnip cry, so Orange has to step in and help.
49 Viral Vote November 19, 2010 216
Pear announces a contest for the fans to vote on which viral videos they want to see Orange and the gang in.
50 Orange After Dentist November 22, 2010 217
The first viral video of the contest is a parody of David After Dentist, in which Orange gets loopy on medicine after getting his teeth whitened.
51 Kitchen Intruder November 23, 2010 218
Bed Intruder is the second viral video to be parodized. A nectarine almost gets cut by Knife, while Orange portrays Antoine Dodson and performs the Kitchen Intruder Song.
52 Sneezing Marshmallow November 24, 2010 219
The third viral video takes on The Sneezing Baby Panda. Marshmallow takes the role of Tai Shan and sneezes so hard and loud, he scares Orange, who takes on the mother panda role.
53 Annoying Orange meets Charlie the Unicorn November 25, 2010 220
The fourth video in the viral vote contest is a parody of Charlie the Unicorn. Orange and Marshmallow see a rainbow and make Charlie take them, Pear, and Midget Apple to the end of the rainbow to get the pot of gold.
54 Equals Annoying Orange November 26, 2010 221
The fifth spoof of the contest is Ray William Johnson‘s Equals Three. Orange showcases the other four winning videos and comments on them.
55 Full Kitchen Intruder Song December 3, 2010 222
The full music video for the Kitchen Intruder Song.
56 Mystery of the Mustachios December 10, 2010 223
Orange and Pear meet five pistachios who wear fake mustaches to avoid being eaten.
57 Jalapeño December 17, 2010 224
Orange and Pear take pointers from a jalapeño on how to impress ladies as he seduces a bowl of fruit.
Special Guest Star: James Caan as Jalapeño
58 Wishful Thinking December 24, 2010 225
Orange wishes he was never born after everyone ignores him during a Christmas party in the kitchen. His wish is granted by a floating sprig of mistletoe (who is Liam the Leprechaun in disguise) who shows him the consequences.
59 The Amnesiac Orange January 7, 2011 226
After a cantaloupe falls on Orange, he develops a severe case of amnesia.
60 Rap-berry January 14, 2011 227
raspberry named Red leaves his bowl looking for adventure, but freaks out when he finds Orange and Pear, who are willing to help him survive by unlocking his talent for rapping.
61 Food Court January 21, 2011 228
Liam the Leprechaun returns to get revenge on Orange to find out if he is annoying by taking him to court.
62 Wazzup Blowup January 28, 2011 229
Orange and the gang annoy an ear of corn while he waits for an important phone call in another “Wazzup”.
63 Best Fiends Forever February 4, 2011 230
Grapefruit moves into the kitchen and starts causing trouble by insulting everyone, but goes too far when he angers Marshmallow.
64a Annoying Valentines February 11, 2011 231a
Orange gives out annoying Valentine cards because he doesn’t know the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.
64b Annoying Valentines (sitcom version) February 11, 2011 231b
An extended version of “Annoying Valentines” done in the same format as The Sitcom.
65 Annoying Valentines Surprise February 14, 2011 232
A quick video to send to people for Valentine’s Day, featuring multiple Oranges in a box of chocolates.
66 It Takes Two to Mango! February 18, 2011 233
Orange annoys a mango who believes there’s a hidden motive behind his annoying behavior.
67 Annoying Orange vs. Gecko February 21, 2011 301
Orange annoys the Geico gecko in a parody of the Geico commercials.
68 ZOOM!!! February 25, 2011 302
While annoying a baby carrot, Orange ingests a high-caffeinated energy drink and becomes even more annoying.
69 Orange Through Time March 4, 2011 303
Orange visits the Jurassic extinction eventBenjamin Franklin‘s discovery of lightning, and the sinking of the Titanic.
70 Kung Fruit March 11, 2011 304
Orange undergoes ninja training after a nunchaku-wielding coconut takes over the kitchen.
71a Fortune Cookie March 18, 2011 305a
Orange annoys some Chinese food, including an egg roll and a fortune cookie.
71b Fortune Cookie (sitcom version) March 18, 2011 305b
An extended version of “Fortune Cookie” done in the same format as The Sitcom.
72 April Fruits Day April 1, 2011 306
Orange and the gang prank each other on April Fools’ Day by wearing disguises.
73 Kitchen Carnage April 7, 2011 307
Orange and a bunch of other fruits look at ingredient lists for a salad and a smoothie; only Pear seems to realize that it’s not a game roster.
74 Rolling in the Dough April 15, 2011 308
Orange annoys a lump of dough through the entire breadmaking process.
75 Nyan Nya Orange April 20, 2011 309
Orange revisits viral spoofs with Marshmallow and Princess Butterflykiss, and parodize “Nyan Cat“.
76 Comedy Clubbing April 21, 2011 310
Orange, Pear, and Midget Apple go to a comedy club where Orange engages in an insult/pun war with the headliner, Marty Meatball (played by actor/comedian Greg Benson).
77 Orange Through Time #2 April 29, 2011 311
Orange visits the battle of David and GoliathIsaac Newton‘s discovery of gravity, and the Roswell UFO incident.
78 Mommy and Me! May 6, 2011 312
Orange’s mother comes to visit and annoys a yam along with her son.
79 Fruit-For-All! May 12, 2011 313
Orange goes on the hottest gameshow and annoys the host, Apple Trebek, and the contestants, Banana and Pineapple. A parody of America’s popular quiz show,Jeopardy!.
80a Juice Boxing May 20, 2011 314a
Two angry juiceboxes (portrayed by Barats and Bereta) show up in the kitchen.
80b Juice Boxing (sitcom version) May 20, 2011 314b
An extended version of “Juice Boxing” done in the same format as The Sitcom.
81 Flower Power May 27, 2011 315
sunflower gets in Orange’s way while he’s enjoying the sun.
82 Be a Star! June 3, 2011 316
Pear tries to find out if Midget Apple, Passion, Grandpa Lemon, Grapefruit, or Marshmallow are good people to star in a new episode of The Annoying Orange, but none of them turn out to be good. Pear then holds a contest for the fans to guest star in an upcoming episode.
83 First Person Fruiter June 10, 2011 317
The viewers take the perspective of a papaya as he has an encounter with Orange.
84 Meteortron June 17, 2011 318
meteor from outer space crash-lands in the kitchen, demanding to find the “relic”. This episode has the “I’m a Star!” winner, and is also a spoof of Transformers.
85 YouTubers July 1, 2011 319
Orange meets a trio of potatoes called the YouTubers. They try to blog a new video for YouTube, but Orange keeps interrupting them. Thanks to him, Trippotato and Tater of DC film the perfect video of Shay Red getting sliced by Knife.
86 Trollin’ July 8, 2011 320
The kitchen gets invaded by three troll dolls who criticize everything.
87 Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple July 13, 2011 321
Orange Potter goes head to head with his mortal enemy, Moldywarts. Again, Orange revisits viral spoofs with Pear WeasleyGrandpa LemondorePassiony Granger, and Snapefruit as they parodize Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
88a The Voodoo You Do! July 22, 2011 322a
Three apples, Jack, Bill, and Andy, attempt to torture Orange with a voodoo doll, but instead, the apples get tortured by the doll.
88b The Voodoo You Do! (sitcom version) July 22, 2011 322b
An extended version of “The Voodoo You Do!” done in the same format used in “The Sitcom”.
89 Orange Goes Hollywood July 29, 2011 323
After annoying an eggplant, two corn cobs offer Orange a chance to be in a movie, but things go bad when the cobs begin make alterations to the show, including firing Pear and Midget Apple.This video was published on realnnoyingorange on July 29, 2011.

This video was published on YouTube on August 1, 2011.

90 Previously On August 5, 2011 324
Will Orange and the gang survive the thrilling climax?
91 Orange Takes Over VidCon! August 5, 2011 325
Orange annoys the audience at VidCon.
92 In the Dark August 12, 2011 326
Orange meets a clueless mushroom. As soon as Mushroom gets used to the kitchen, he starts to act like Orange as they both annoy Midget Apple.
93 Naval Orange August 26, 2011 327
Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow go on vacation on a boat. They end up running into the infamous pirate, Blueberry Beard and his crew of blueberries.
94 Orange Through Time #3 September 2, 2011 328
Orange visits the Trojan Horse siege, the Lunar Flag Assembly being placed on the moonGeorge Washington axing a cherry tree, and the Great Sphinx of Giza losing its nose. In the extended version, Orange also annoys the Tower of Pisa and causes it to lean by spitting a seed.
95 Gumbrawl September 9, 2011 329
Orange, the gummy wormsgummy bears, a pack of chewing gum, and gumdrops find themselves in the middle of a gumbrawl.
96 Pet Peeve September 16, 2011 330
Orange adopts a fruit fly as a pet, which immediately starts havoc in the kitchen.
97 Souper Dooper September 23, 2011 331
Orange meets a bowl of alphabet soup and makes him angry by annoying him.
98 Ask Orange #1 September 26, 2011 332
Orange answers questions from the viewers.
99 Fake ‘N Bacon September 30, 2011 333
Orange meets a group of fake fruits who try to pretend to be real fruits.
100 Orange Through Time #4 October 3, 2011 401
Orange visits a Gladiator battle, the first Thanksgiving feast, and Vincent Van Gogh getting his ear chopped off.Note: This episode was originally posted at on October 3, 2011, but then uploaded to YouTube on October 10, 2011.
101 Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds October 7, 2011 402
Orange and the gang play the hit iPhone game “Angry Birds” using themselves as the birds.Note: Different videos have been set up for each character of “The Annoying Orange” for this episode to show what happens when they fling themselves to the pigs (one of the characters including a special guest.).
102 Microwave Effect October 14, 2011 403
foil-wrapped burrito is placed into the microwave and it sends Orange and his friends back in time to the pilot episode and viewers find out what it would be like if the apple Orange first annoyed hadn’t been killed.
103 Ask Orange #2: Toast Busters! October 21, 2011 404
Orange answers more questions from viewers followed by a spoof of Ghostbusters called Toast Busters.
104 Chiller October 28, 2011 405
Pear has a dream of a haunted freezer named the Chiller. The gang turns into zombies (except for Pear) and Orange performs a parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
105 Magic Clam November 4, 2011 406
Orange and the gang wake up in the middle of the night and find an oyster in the kitchen that can eat different objects that turn into something else magically after being eaten, including a penny (turned into an Abraham Lincoln figurine) and Midget Apple (bigger).
106 Jumping Bean November 11, 2011 407
Orange meets a jumping bean (played by John Leguizamo) who can never stop bouncing around.
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