STREET ART: BEST OF 2011 (saving the Art World by living)


As we traveled the web looking for some of the best examples of street art for 2011, we couldn’t help but notice that most of the works/interventions simply lacked the artists name. Some because it’s suppose to be that way, others because people don’t care, or maybe, just maybe good ideas are spread free of egos. Either way, this is some of the memorable moments around the web with street art. !

I couldn’t help but direct everyone to fellow public art loving blog Street Art Utopia as they have compiled a pretty decent list of the best street art of 2011. If you are just getting into the wonderful world of pasting, spraying or making the streets a more creative place, this list is a great place to start (short of  Wall and Piece). One of the best things about this genre is it’s diversity – you can decided what you find gimmicky/twee or meaningful and awe-inspiring. Street art has always been the public’s voice, and the art world has yielded success to those with great ideas and a call for change. More from the list after the jump!


Let us begin with this words that come as a response to the photo above:

“There´s tools and colours for all of us,
to lend from nature to make the world
more understandable and beautiful”.

















As in by Travis Flack

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