Tip to Express Graffiti Art in public made 10 times easier_ :Looptaggr

Stop Wars
How quick you can do your public art interventions also might mean how well. Thanks to a project by Ariel Schlesinger & Aram Bartholl and because “technology is infinite fun” here is a really cool tip to create your own Looptaggr today! Spin it!

1. Steal your mom’s coat hanger.

2. Unfold the wire and bend a 3-spoke wheel (25cm diameter). Make a double L-shaped handle and wind up a screw on top to hold the wheel.

3. Place the wheel on the screw-axis and make sure its rolls smoothly on a wall (or moving train ). We recommend to use a ‘wide cap’ for a fat line to cover the whole stencil.

4. Tape your Looptaggr to a can.

5. Attach the stencil to the ring.

6. Say something! Protect your hand. It’ll drip.

7. Improve Looptagr! Create your own version! (In this pic you can see very well how the screw is hold by the wound up wire)

8. Don’t get caught!

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