Girls and Purses: the great mystery of Size, Weight and Function- QUIZ

Find the Boy among the 11 Purses .!


Purse content in girls watch are one of the greatest mysteries of time. We asked 11 people what would be their must have items to keep in their of these turn out to be a boy …others, just big sexy purses. And the mystery goes ticker.


The readers suggest :

1.Well, a mini sewing kit (you never know), deodorant, body spray (just in case), tissues, a pen, mints or gum, and maybe some emergency money. Depending on how big your purse is most of this will fit and if you have a big purse then you can add other stuff in there like a water bottle, a snack (just in case you get hungry). aides, a can of formula ( if u have a baby), gum for ur breathe, lipstick, back up credit card, clear nail polish, in case u get a run in ur panty hose, eye drops, portable toothepaste and tooth brush, tissues, burn cream, asprin, mirror, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, bottle of water, nail file, hair brush, nail clippers, hair ties, cell phone, phone book, thermometer, cough medicine

3.hello kitty band-aids,baby powder,tiny roll of toilet tissue,lotion,tiny can of hair spray,hand sanitizer,multi vitamins,fingernail file (which doubles as a screwdriver),breath mints/gum,10 dollars emergency money,pen,ultra compact umbrella and dental floss

4. besides the obvious like makeup, KEYS, wallet, and such. I’d say, a few bandaids, since I find myself getting hurt constantly. If you have allergies, allergy med, or any other med that might be needed to take frequently. If you have astigmatism, glasses, and sunglasses during sunny days.

5. condoms!! Also, band aid, chapstick, little tube of sunblock, $5 or so for emergencies, gum or mints (for different kinds of emergencies!) And, if you are a mom, there is a whole different list!!! 😉

6. a mini deoderant stick, lip gloss, a mirror, a hair tie or clip, body splash, lotion, cover up, one of those tide bleach sticks, a cell phone, band aid, asprin, change (coins)………..thats all i can think of at the moment

7. douches, wipes, vagisil, feminine spray, deodorant, cotton panties, vaseline, vicodin, pepper spray, baby powder, enemas, razors, tweezers, cotton balls, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, holy water, pliers, etc.

8. Knives, lint, condom, porn, gun, steroids, suicide pill, dephribulatorr, buttons, a gb of RAM, sharp pens, wig, fake mustache and a toe nail clipper.

9. change purse, a brush, and some cosmetics, tampons/pads mabye a pair or panties, toothbrush, bandaids, croosword book, pens, wallet, changpurse, etc…

10. Safety pins, incase something “let’s loose!” Extra change incase your cell isn’t charged and you are on the date from hell. Pen, paper, extra money, Tylenol, Kleenex.

11. uh, a gun! Geez, what if someone picks you up and takes you away to rape you? If you don’t have a gun you’ve got nothing to protect yourself with.

Nothing can prevent the world from douche bags.;)

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