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Drug Use Time Table & Documentary

Have you been on any kind of drugs? Do you need to pass a drug test? How to pass a drug test ready clean?

We present on this article a time table that allows you to check how long you need to wait to do a drug test and be sure it will turn out negative after using drugs. Most drugs do take some time to get out of your body completely so we encourage not to use them when you need to prove you are drug free.  However if you did use them and you need a clear drug test you should wait the times on the time table bellow before testing. If you don’t have that time you may want to use special kits like the ones available on the market like the ones selling on this site here.

Did you know alcohol can stay in your body for 2 days? Nicotine (tobacco, cigarettes or cigars) can take 4 days to test clean and Cocaine can take 5 days to be out of your body for good? Some benzo-diazepines medicines like Xanax or Valium can take 6 weeks to test clean and Cannabis (marijuana or weed) can take up to 11 days. Just check the time tables bellow (one in image and a PDF link bellow that one) to know how long will most drugs take to leave your body and test clean.

Take note that some people may keep the drug inside their bodies a little more than the average listed on the table bellow. This being said if you used drugs and you’re having a drug test just wait a few more hours or days than the ones listed on that table if you want to be 100% sure your test will come out clean. Or if you can’t wait be sure you use drugs ready clean test kits otherwise the probability that your test will say you use drugs is huge.

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Drug Use Time Table

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