(DIY) Drawing Lessons

A perfect place to start!

A01 Illustrated Glossary of Drawing Words and Terms
A02 Understanding Talent
A03 Buying Drawing Supplies
A04 Creating Your Own Drawing Space
A05 Making a Portfolio
A06 Good Posture First!
A07 Making and Using a Viewfinder Frame
A08 You’re A Natural!
A09 Drawing Curved Lines Naturally
B01 Drawing with Spaces
B02 Shapes of a Duck
B03 Simple Symmetry
B04 Faces and a Vase
B05 Blind Contour Drawing
B06 Seeing Values
B07 Grendel Gremlin
B08 Seeing Shapes in a Photo of a Dog’s Head
B09 Drawing Negative Space Surrounding a Chair
B10 Seeing Shapes of a Horse’s Head
B11 Seeing Light and Shadow
C01 Self Portrait
C02 Three Families of Lines
C03 Kayla the Koala
C05 Linus the Lion
C06 Bitty
C07 Kira
C08 Wanda
C09 Starr Fish
C10 Allie Alligator
C11 Merbaby
C12 Variations of Bud
D01 Squirkling Values
D02 Graduating Squirkles
D03 The Pupil of Iris
D04 Baby Curly
D05 Sam & Samantha
D06 Spruce Tree
D08 Billy Blob Blended
D10 Squirkling a Bumpy Texture
E01 Basic Perspective for Beginners
E02 Overlapping Silly Faces
E03 Simple Atmospheric Perspective
E04 One Point Perspective
E05 The Magic Ellipse by Cindy Wider
F01 Hatching Value Scales
F02 Hatching Simple Mountains
F03 Playing With Pencils
F04 Graduated Values
F05 Kobrah
F06 Sketching Outdoors
F07 Corny Conehead
F08 Basic Contour Hatching
F09 Graduations with Contour Hatching
F10 Serene Scene
F11 Tulip
F12 Seahorse
F13 Light on a Mug
F14 Medieval Spoon
F15 Wooly Woo Noo
G02 Coming Out of the Dark
G03 Smelly Spheres
G04 Baldy Noears
G05 Getting Started with Shading by Cindy Wider
G06 Creating a Value Scale by Cindy Wider
H01 Horizontal Facial Proportions of Adults
H02 Proportions of a Hand
H04 Drawing Eyelashes
H05 Kim
H06 Sketching from a Manikin
H11 Drawing Lips
H12 Long Straight Hair
H13 Sketching Figures with Lines
H14 Jamie
H15 Baby Cameo
H16 Brandon
H17 Figure drawing basics
I01 Fluppy Puppy
I02 Canine Noses
I03 Eye of a Dog
I04 Spotted Fur
I05 Fuzzy Stripes
I06 Simple Feather
I07 Rocky Rodent
I08 Tuttle Turtle
I09 Kevin Bakon
I10 Jumpin Jack
I11 Siamese Tiger Fish
I12 Dolly the Sheepish Sheep
I13 Cuddles
J01 130 Tips & Helpful Hints
J02 To Blend or Not to Blend
J03 Symmetry Secret
J04 Transferring an Image by Cindy Wider
J05 Focus on Focal Points
J06 How to Use a Value Map
J07 The Process of Working with a Grid by Cindy Wider
J08 How to Draw with Charcoal
K01 Above, On and Below the Horizon Line
K02 Drawing an Ellipse
K03 Drawing a Cylinder with 2-Point Perspective
K04 Two-Point Perspective
K05 Drawing Boxes with Two Point Perspective
L01 Crosshatching Values
L02 Graduations with Crosshatching
L03 Crosshatching a Value Map
M01 Fur on a Form
M02 Feathers on a Wing
M03 Detailed Dog Eye
M04 Kitty
M05 Black Widow
M06 Bill the Cat
M07 Swan
M08 Panda the Shih Tzu
N01 Misha
N02 Tux
N03 Silly Cylinder
N04 Emma Emu
N05 Freaky Froggie
N06 Bill the Corny Rattler
N07 Hairy Harry
N08 Precious
O01 Gentle Giant
O02 Daniel
O03 Kay
P01 Ashley
P02 Claudette
P03 Facial Proportions of Babies
P04 Guidelines for the heights of people
P05 Clio
P06 Eyelashes on an eye
P07 The cousin of…
P08 Adult Noses in Profile
P09 Insights Into an Ear
P10 Getting Under Your Skin – Facial Muscles
P11 Forms of Adult Torsos
P12 Adult Facial Proportions
P13 Mouth of a Baby
P14 Frontal View of Adult Noses
P15 Drawing a Collage
P16 How to Draw Curly Hair
Q01 Dragon Egg
Q02 Grape Smoothie
Q03 Drawing Denim
Q04 Bud the Rose
Q05 Drawing Squirkles Around a Tree
Q06 3D Cylinder by Cindy Wider
R01 Primary and Secondary Colors
R02 Oil Painting Brushes
S01 Sunny Blue
S02 Wooly Blue
S03 Daisy Dodo
S04 Chuck Chic
S05 Flutterby
T01 Rosey
T02 Shadow
T03 Hooter
T04 Dandy
T05 Isaac
T06 Daphnia
T07 A Zebra Named Spot
T08 To Bee or Not to Bee
T09 Katie the “Rottiepitbea”
U01 Annie
U02 Eye on Melissa
U03 Claire
U04 View of an Adult Arm
U05 Leg and Foot
U06 Facial Aging
U07 Female Figure
U08 Manisha
U09 Isha
U10 Joel Allan
U11 Fabric of a Sleeve
U12 Big Smile
V01 Light Beyond the Trees
V02 Photorealism: Very Close Up
V03 Photorealistic Dagger
V04 Teddy Tink
V06 Old Tree
V07 Sunflower
V08 Shiny Leather Boots by Cindy Wider
V10 Little Urn by Cindy Wider
V11 Medieval Arrowhead
W01 Karin
W02 Bill View 2
W03 Evie
W04 Carved In Stone
W05 Robby & Rob
W06 Hallie Kate
W07 Greek Mummy Portrait
W08 Wesley the Maltese
W09 Heidi
X01 Dudley The Dragon
X02 Lord Algernon
X03 Lord Hans
Y01 Golden Rosebud
Y02 Wobby
Y03 Designing a Tattoo of a Grease Monkey
Y04 Values in Colors
Y05 Painting with Acrylics: Part 1
Y06 Painting with Acrylics: Part 2
Y07 Painting With Acrylics: Part 3
Y10 Winged Lightning
Y11 Art Inspired by Music
Y12 Introduction to Pointillism
Z01 Nose Study (Leonardo da Vinci)
Z02 Examining Styles and Techniques
Z03 Examining Lighting & Composition in Masters’ Paintings
Z04 Study of an Infant’s Nose
Z05 Study of the Head of an Infant
Z06 Hatching with chalk
Z07 Mona Lisa
Z08 Study of Old Man’s Face in Profile
Z09 Study of a Girl’s Face
Z10 Study of a Flower
Z11 Madison
Z12 Sketch of a Youth
Z13 Study of a Rosebud
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