Best Countries to live in 2013: Immigration Tips for a better life

Best Countries to live in 2013

America, where babies will inherit the large debts of the boomer generation, languishes back in 16th place. Despite their economic dynamism, none of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) scores impressively. Among the 80 countries covered, Nigeria comes last: it is the worst place for a baby to enter the world in 2013. The Economist explains


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As Laza Kekic: director, country forecasting services, Economist Intelligence Unit puts it: Boring is best

Quibblers will, of course, find more holes in all this than there are in a chunk of Swiss cheese. America was helped to the top spot back in 1988 by the inclusion in the ranking of a “philistine factor” (for cultural poverty) and a “yawn index” (the degree to which a country might, despite all its virtues, be irredeemably boring). Switzerland scored terribly on both counts. In the film “The Third Man”, Orson Welles’s character, the rogue Harry Lime, famously says that Italy for 30 years had war, terror and murder under the Borgias but in that time produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance; Switzerland had 500 years of peace and democracy—and produced the cuckoo clock.

However, there is surely a lot to be said for boring stability in today’s (and no doubt tomorrow’s) uncertain times. A description of the methodology is available here: food for debate all the way from Lucerne to Lagos.

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The talk around (all kind of talk) : Scandinavia Versus  America Versus Africa Versus UK Versus Australia

In Viino Veritas
05:54 AM on 12/14/2012

As a Scandinavian it is both funny, scary and fascinating to listen to the delusion among the vast majority of Americans. You just have a really big army guys and that basically all you have, and that’s not really something to be proud of. You’ve got homeless people in scary numbers and 3 millions people incarcerated a crime-level which is a joke and guns everywhere. The Intelligence Quotient of your citizens is frighteningly low, and the level of religion is ridiculously high – you guys are still in the dark ages in so many fields and the bulk of you are to arrogant and ignorant to even begin to realize it. YOU ARE MONKEYS WITH NUKES. The reason you are against socialism is because you’ve been manipulated to be against it. And don’t even get me started on Fox News. The strategy of your leaders is to keep you stupid enough to not realize the freak-show of your own society – and if it provokes you to hear it from a smug inhabitant of the scientifically measured happiest country on this planet (Denmark) then go to Youtube and check out what a very wise american by the name of George Carlin has to say about the matter. Please wake up soon, it’s unbearable to behold for much longer.


Lovely day for a good plan
08:39 AM on 12/14/2012

You miss the truly amazing thing by lumping us all together. Even with 46% of our population tied like the proverbial hand behind our back, we’re still able to do some fairly impressive things. Despite budget cuts and a variety of difficulties, we still put Curiosity on Mars. We may not have the impressive CERN Hadron collider, but we are coming out of a dark and difficult age. Remember when the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia had their downturn and brief resurgence before their own recent misfortunes? That’s actually where the United States is poised. Do we have significant problems to overcome? Sure, but legalizing Marijuana could possibly end incarceration for 1/8th of all of our inmates. Do we have severe financial and diplomatic issues to resolve? Of course, but so does the twice our size European Union and the 4 times our size China. If our waitresses don’t want to be waitresses anymore, at least one of them makes a bakery in her home and starts selling gluten free pies. If a software developer can’t stand going through the normal college process, he founds Microsoft, or Apple, or Facebook. We are monkeys or apes rather, even if 46% of our population doesn’t believe in evolution. But we’re trying to be better, while you’re just trying to push others down. 

In Viino Veritas
07:41 AM on 12/15/2012

…not trying to push you down, but rather to wake you up by a friendly slap in the face. I quite like your answer and I think you have a point. Many great things have come from the U.S. not just greedy corporations but also artists and philosophers. My point is that the Americans in the clip who think the U.S. is the best country to be born in, represents a symptom of the fact that the problem of a superpower is its reluctance to see beyond the tip of its own nose. As a Scandinavian I know a lot about your society. You guys don’t really know anything about ours and the reason that’s a unforgivable flaw is that WE have actually figured out how to make a pretty healthy society – you could learn so much more from us and our socialism than we could from your capitalistic imperialism.

In pretty much every list of national traits the Scandinavian countries beat the shit out of the U.S. We have the lowest level of corruption, highest levels of education. We even beat you asses on your own turf of the American dream: social mobility – because we have free education, and are even paid to go to school. We’re the happiest most secure most open, most equal societies of the world.

Try for a minute to imagine observing the American society from the scope of these countries. Try to really imagine how that must feel.

06:12 AM on 12/01/2012

I live in Africa. When people say they want to go to America, I tell them they wold be better off going to Canada or any of the Northern European contries or New Zealand or Australia. This study bares out my advice in the past.

America is not the land of opportunity it was in the past. It has been on a slippery slope for the last 30 years and I don’t see that changing any time soon, if ever. If I was 27 instead of 67 I would immigrate. Even with all the problems Africa has, the quality of my life on my limited income is far better here than it could be back home in the US. I just wish I had done it years ago.

James Hoard
05:49 AM on 12/01/2012
Just returned to Australia recently, after living in the UK for 30 years. This is largely subjective survey. People in the UK criticise and complain because they think that is the way to improve things in society, hold politicians to account, etc. In Oz you do that and everybody accuses you of being unpatriotic or ‘running the country down’. Surprise, surprise, all the answers to a survey are optimistic. In the UK even the poorest person in the land will be living in a house built of brick, with a tiled roof and all the electricity wires, telephone, etc delivered to that house underground. Here, they are still building houses from wood with tin roofs. They burn to a cinder at the drop of a light, or blow away in a small gust of wind. Poles and wires litter the townscapes everywhere. In Europe or the UK, tin and wood are good only for beach huts and garden sheds. The country is actually far less democratic than the UK. Looking at what a public transport ticket inspector can do makes one shudder. Tenants rights, property rights, health provision, education, broadcasting, consumer protection – all much inferior to the UK and Europe. 5-10 years behind the times in most things and 30-100 more expensive. Ask them what is so good about Australia, everyone tells you how great the beaches are. Alas, Australia is actually in the opposite direction.

There are other indexes which the US does quite well on. If I choose the UN’s Human Development Index, for example, the US ranks 4th:

In the Legatum Prosperity Index, the US ranks 12th (10th in 2011)

(Population size probably does make a difference – other than the US, the top countries in rankings like these are predominantly smaller countries).

And if the US is in such decline, why does it continue to be BY FAR the most preferred destination for those who wish to permanently migrate from their home countries?

23% of those surveyed wished to migrate to the US, with the next highest being the UK with a mere 7%.

I certainly don’t think the US is “the best in all things,” and I think there are a lot of great places to live in the world – but its stupid to claim that life in the US is so comparatively horrible.

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