Do you think Madonna, Cher and Britney fart on stage while dare singing?

Do you think Madonna, Cher and Britney fart on stage while dare singing?

While we hardly would consider it, some  users around the web care enough to create some buzz around the web -enough for us to post it- in the ever demanding category Forums (all kind of talk).


Regarding Cher we only found a tweet with the words Fart. One thing is certain: Blessed the one who endure a Cher fart as it is the ultimate lifting.

Regarding food definitely Britney rules. But only for this talk only has Cristina Aguilera is a ever evolving  competition who dares to beat Cee  Lo Green very soon ( and not only in the tan department).  And Aguilera just let it hit the fan:

Aguilera stated that she doesn’t like to sit too close to the not-so funky fresh star when they make appearances together.

She told DeGeneres, “(I’m sitting) between Blake and Cee Lo with his gas over there…That’s why I have the fan, you know.”

Afraid she may have upset her pal, Aguilera quickly laughed off her comment and added, “I love you Cee Lo. Don’t be mad. Everybody knows.”


The web is a weird place and the talks go on and on. We have to mention evidently the proud flabby Adele and Beyonce. These girls rock but they do have an issue in the ever  demanding toned and slim  bodies show biz has accustomed  us all. adele

According to the Daily Star  “Adele is still at the top of the charts because no one can move her!”.. .And Adele didn’t like it.. .so we are not going to shove it down her throat.

But has for farting Britney has an entire territory on her own :

“Based on his former experience as a police officer, Flores said Spears’ farting could be described as a lethal weapon,” said Flores’ attorney, Raimondo Guarez.  “My client has seen cops overcome with the smell from flatulence and he felt that he was assaulted every day by Spears and her farts.”

Doctors confirm that the fumes from Spears’ farts could be deadly to some.  “Yes, they can cause some people to choke and some may even stop breathing.”

Lawyers for Spears have filed a motion saying the allegations are exaggerated.  But, more importantly, they say that Spears has a rare condition – Flatulencia Explotatta – that affects less than 1% if the population.  “She can’t help it. She’s been do the best doctors in the world.  It’s a disease.”


According to  zippy huntoon· 

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This is a national tragedy, a beautiful woman like that hampered by a belly full of gas. How would you like to go through life unable to eat chili? Those of you who think it is a laughing matter, shame on you. I have heard that she didn’t shave her head, it was actually burnt off by lighting one of her powerful @$$ explosions. K Fed once stated that it was a Britney lead dutch oven that drove him to divorce. Britney we love you gas or no gas.

Madonna needs a crown has the skinny queen. If it was trauma from her flabby like a virgin days or not, truth is that accordingly to her brother biography the self proclaimed Queen of Pop might have start his diet while performing Like a Virgin for MTV with a “green liquid diarrhea”- we leave the gory details aside. And she never went back! She keep on being as toned and fit until today, putting Brit and Christina to shame with half her age.

madonna arms

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Resolved Question

Do you think madonna cher and britney fart on stage while dare singing?

i was thinking do you think Madonna Cher Britney ever fart while they are singing

cher singing believe
madonna singing 4 mins
and britney singing gimmie more do u think they ever let one off loudly lol

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I don’t think Cher or Madonna eat enough to produce a fart.

Britney however is a self admitted junk food addict. I’m sure she’s and expert at the “silent but deadly” type.

I would prefer to listen to that anytime. Can’t stand Cher, she will fall to bits soon and Madonna too. I like Britney and she can fart God save the Queen and I would still like her and Amy Winehouse.
Another user: 
They all need to be mic’d up – little mic stands and good quality microphones, shouldn’t miss a single squeak…. Mmmm, diva methane is tops and with the right amount of sphincter control the resultant sound could be quite musical… xx
And the update :
 fergie from Black Eyed Peas pissed herself on stage once.
The pics were all over the media.
This goes on and on. Its the web 

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