Moonwalking before Michael Jackson Went to the Moon

 Moonwalking before Michael Jackson Went to the Moon


Some say there is nothing old, others nothing new, in art the old, new and brand new usually walk side by side. In some cases, the most daring of them they even walk on the moon. Like if the Hearth was for the mortals, pop icons live in the stratosphere and their existence are the new Gods. We are their Olympe and as mortals as common people are, we stay between the real and unreal;  being the unreal the portion of unfolded wish-thinking.

Does it matter who done and when in the fast pacing world of bubblegum and kick pleasure ? Certainly yes. But can we get the facts straight from the written history while seeing the portion of authorship in an artist career ? That’s a long talk we’ll be on but for the readers sake let’s just trow this :

Bill Bailey’s 1955

So sure yeah, Bill used the “letter” but let’s say Michael Jackson made the word out of it. If MJ did invented the famous “moonwalking”, he sure did. He did it on the moon. What else.

So here come’s the first.


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