“Data from the Institute of Forensic Medicine revealed that since the beginning of the year committed suicide, on average, 84 people in Portugal, 4 less than last year. According to the Jornal de Noticias, suicide among older adults is increasing, as well as the consumption of antidepressants.

Last year, the National Institute of Legal Medicine (INML) recorded a total of 1,057 suicides in Portugal, which amounts to an average of 88 per month.


This year’s figures, revealed by the Jornal de Noticias on World Depression, reveal that there were no major changes and 84 people who committed suicide a month, even the most cold and dark days have not arrived.

In the opinion of the Director of National Mental Health Plan, Álvaro de Carvalho, it must be borne in mind that some cases that come to INML carried forward into next year, so the numbers may not be absolutely reliable and that there are cases that do not even to be reported to that agency. It should also be noted that from January to August this year there were 232 deaths from undetermined causes, which may have been caused by suicide.


The main cause that leads to suicide, according to the JN (Portugal newspaper) are situations of deep depression, leading people to feelings of anxiety and hopelessness, and reach 7.9% of its population.

Unemployment and greater attention from physicians and reducing the stigma around mental health can lead to an increase in the number of diagnoses, says professor of psychiatry at the University of Porto, António Pacheco Palha.

The consumption of antidepressants, also recorded an increase of around 5% in the first eight months of the year, reaching 5.1 million packs sold. However, this may not be a viable number, according to the professor, for having patients who prefer to buy smaller packages due to the price.

The last publication of the Centre for Studies and Health Assessment (Cefar), the National Association of Pharmacies, finds no relationship between antidepressant use and the number of suicides. ”

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Portugal population is currently 10 billion.

The media don’t cover this topic. We had to look A LOT for this data and finally it came out with this astonishing number. We figure it’s a still lower than the real numbers based on the reasons in the article and the lack of recent available information ( the article is from October 2013). The unemployment increased this year so the number one reason,  dueling with mental disease combined with unemployment and lack of medical care are more than real: mortal.

Other data sustain that more than 20% of the population needs medical care to deal with depression.

Portugal is the European country with the highest rate of depression and the second largest in the world, but it is estimated that one third of people with severe mental disorders are untreated.


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