The Top 5 Phones with the Highest Radiation

The Top 5 Phones with the Highest Radiation


Is it a conspiracy to irradiate poor people or just your pocket ?

The concerns have been around for a long time, but we seem to use cell phones more and more.

One common sense rule seems to be : avoid talking on the cell phone for long periods, if you do, use a wired headset (non Bluetooth) and keep these things as far away from your kids and your own body as you can.

Key things to note:

-Keeping phone at least 2-4 inches away from your body reduces radiation by 50%.
-If you keep it in your pocket, keep keypad positioned towards your body.
-Limit call time if you do use it on your ear to less than 60 seconds. Switch ears every 20 seconds.

Meanwhile keep in mind that cell phones emit a dangerous non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation which gets absorbed by our tissues and cells and can result in serious health problems.

According to a new study conducted by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and published in the Biochemical Journal, as little as 10 minutes on a cell phone can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer.

If you’re concerned about cell phone radiation, here are the phones to avoid.


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