Be Careful with Weight Loss Information on the Web

Be careful with Weight Loss Information on the web

In a new study “Analysis of the Accuracy of Weight Loss Information Search Engine Results on the Internet” by François Modave, PhD, Navkiran K. Shokar, MD, MPH, Eribeth Peñaranda, MD, and Norma Nguyen, MPH in the American Journal of Public Health.


The study systematically identified and evaluated the quality and comprehensiveness of online information related to weight loss that users were likely to access.

The weight loss information that people were likely to access online was often of substandard quality because most comprehensive and quality Web sites ranked too low in search results.


“When looking exclusively at the key dimensions of the global quality score, i.e., nutrition, physical activity and behavioral strategies, we observed that less than a fifth of websites scored over 50 percent,” says Dr. Modave. “We also observed that no page covered all the dimensions — the key ones as well as surgical and pharmacotherapeutic options — all at once.”

Of the websites observed, medical, government and university websites had the best information in addition to blogs, which his colleagues found surprising.

According to Yahoo news on the subjet:

“While the study by Dr. Modave and his team highlights these challenges as they pertain to weight loss, his study also provides hope because it revealed that blogs — which I thought would have scored low in terms of information quality — were actually rated highest, meaning that blog authors are genuinely attempting to provide good information,” says David C. Clarke, PhD, of the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia.

So dig a little and find consumer reports on blogs and health sites (like us 😉 ) who adopt a practical friendly approach to the information we share.

Eat healthy good foods and as long as you don’t over or under eat then there is no need for counting calories as long as you get the protein and fiber you need.

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