Workout away from the gym : give your body a rest

Workout away from the gym: give your body a rest

Sometimes you need to leave the gym

Sometimes you need to leave the gym

Many of us had find some trouble coordinating the necessities of a vigorous workout and a balanced nutrition. To add the need to give your body a rest and the be just a tiny bit pampered for a short while the main question is what to do and where.

The modern fella can be creative on his body challenges and daily routine but what to do when away from the weight bar and the free weights and all that machinery of your state of the art gym ?

Well to be practical the one thing you can always do is jogging. With a pair of running shoes you can literarily go a long way and keep that body fat at bay while inducing your body to push itself to a conditioned level of cardio. With a routine of Pushups, Jump Squats,Step-ups, Single-leg rising deadlift, Alternating push-up to side plank, Pull-up with pike, Single-leg tricep dips and Inverted row.

3 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. You’ll be surprised on how your body will be stimulate with you.

Regarding the food, well, always travel with your favourite brand of protein powder and have your snacks covered for a 6 meal a day plan. In restaurants you know the trill: no saturated fat, low carbs and high protein. And yeah, sugar is kinda poison for your body.
Regarding the carbs keep in mind the carb cycle that works better for you. Intake of carbs should be specific to the daytime.

But we have a great tip on the way to cover quality vacations while taking care of your muscular self. Thermal resorts. We are preparing a compulsory selection of places to have your basis covered.

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