Fonte Santa : Monfortinho Hotel and SPA

Fonte Santa : Monfortinho Hotel and SPA 


Located in Beira Baixa, on a wind-sheltered plateau, exactly at the epicentre of Monfortinho there is Hotel Fonte Santa and the world renown Thermal Baths of Monfortinho (Termas de Monfortinho). Closeby is Idanha-a-Velha, an ancient city of Egitânia, that stands as a remarkable witness to the history and culture of the Portuguese people.



The hotel Fonte Santa,  located a few metres from the Spa (Thermal Baths)  is indeed a great place to rest from the daily stressful life, standing on a very pleasant countryside landscape, a few metres from the Spanish border. Actually you can see the mountains of Spain from the comfort of your room so you’re really next to the border. Also by the pool.


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The rooms are very pleasant holding the perfect proportion between comfort and relaxation. You can relax in the room of the suite, have a snack by the balcony or simply relax on the well equipped bed among the many different type of pillows offered for your comfort. Just order it at the front desk. The hotel is beautiful, the gardens and view astonishing and nothing better than to swim in the swimming pool with a beautiful scenary and an infinity fall to the mountains.

This guys put the H in Hospitality and while you IMG_4788IMG_4789treat your body your soul get properly rewarded with the typical “beira-baixa” comfort. The hotel personal is very polite and kind always available  to ensure you have a pleasant stay. The host of the hotel is always around ensuring that your experience is nothing more than perfect being frankly sympathetic. The restaurant and breakfast staff also makes sure you feel at home and properly handle any request with extreme kindness.


We had the fortunate of having a journey at the SPA guided by the host there explaining to us the benefits, properties and highlighting the amenities of the place and its fascinating thermal history. Be curious, relaxed and the world is there opening up the you. when traveling we encourage our reader more than ever to be open to learn and share their experiences. Being permeable makes everything more rewarding. And to be permeable what better place than a thermal Spa?






We were very found of learning that there is an increasing search for this type of facilities from our demographic and confirm how is offering his readers the proper tips for healthier living. Keeping the tradition with a twist of modernity and medical effectiveness the thermal spa of Monfortinho, known also as Fonte Santa (Saint Fountain) is the center for the well being of any visitor.



The medicinal properties of embarking in a treatment of thermal waters is a practice well known to most of our ancestors, long before the SPA trend worldwide. The existence of Roman remains has led to the belief that the Monfortinho springs were used during the Roman colonisation, although it is only from the 17th century onwards that there is reliable evidence of their use. The spa became important in the forties(20th c.) with the building of newfacilities, and today is one of the most prestigious in the country.


Founded in 1906 by Dr. José Gardete and explored since 1907 by the Fonte Santa de Monfortinho Water Company, the first resort in the baths was opened in 1940 and it was then that there was a real development.

Nowadays, Monfortinho baths are a paradise for body care where dry and wet treatments are wisely applied.

With therapeutic virtues recognized since Roman times, the water of the Holly Fountain at Monfortinho has high silica content, is hypo mineralized, bicarbonate, and has sodium, calcium and magnesium, which is why its use is advised to treat chronic skin diseases, issues in the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems and rheumatic diseases.
The programmes specially directed towards physical and mental relaxation complement each other to guarantee that a visit to Monfortinho Spa is well worthwhile.

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The services and treatments of Termas de Monfortinho range from Vichy shower massage (4 hands) – We so so well recommend ! This luxurious experience is one of the well hidden secrets of the area that guarantee the most absolute relaxation for even the hardcore bodybuilder or stressed out financier. The Scottish shower (jet shower) gives you a full on experience with a trained therapist applying a circular technique that elongate the tense muscles of your body (great for quads too!). Anyway you can enrol on a wide range of classic hydrotherapy or wellness treatments. You can easily consult the glossary of treatments here.




All this mates, you can add to your after workout.The modest but efficient gym in the spa guarantees you keep your fit level even on relaxing mood. We had the fortune to also got a beautiful refreshing rain with a great temperature IMG_4983of around 27ºC while jogging in the area between the SPA and the Hotel. The surroundings have lots of nature walks, BTT and a lot of things to do.



The Hotel Restaurant deserves a category on its own.




The breakfast is perfect. The traditional offers of the area  (like the famous bread “bica the azeite”), cheese, bacon or sausages, and a selection of fresh juices, gojy berries and chai seeds with natural non fat yougurt guarantees you have an healthy corner to start the day with  also the possible  temptation of a luxurious waffle in the other end to the table. We hardly resisted.


The restaurant doesn’t allow to order a la carte but who cares to do so when the selection of dishes are so balanced offering the traditional dishes from the area with fresh local ingredients and always a choice of fish, meat, vegetables and salads and a wonderfully cooked healthier choice (we had the most amazing chicken almonds of the chef and a delicious lean beef with mustard).


The deDSC07725serts have the local products at sight with an offer of traditional sweets of egg conventual delights and a choice of fruits ranging from tropical papaia to melon.  Everyday is a trill to find what the chef as to offer and be able to stop before gaining some extra pounds.

All and all we did find this resort with thermal treatments an excellent hideout in beira baixa, Portugal offering all the perfect conditions to for a weekend away or a longer term program of rejuvenation. The relation  between quality and price is balanced and it’s guaranteed you will leave Hotel Fonte Santa and Termas de Monfortinho as a believer that the properties of the water and amazing hospitality will keep you tuned when back to the needs of the job in the city. As W.H Auden put it :

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”

W.H. Auden


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