Tips or unwritten rules on loving someone truly

Tips or unwritten rules on loving someone truly

There are no rules for love. Well, at least stone written but here are a few tips on making love matter which is being mutually loved and respected.

1- There are no written rules on love. Just tips on a magazine of tips

2-Respect is the basis of any relationship. Without it love can’t prosper and will never be corresponded. Yes, betrayal and denial of it is not love. It’s a broken of confidence

3-Partnerships are based on trust. That grows on intimacy.

4-Intimacy is sacred. If you brake that you will destroy everything else from the root.

5-Desire is not love. If you desire more than what love offers you intimacy doesn’t exist as love.

6-Sex is just desire fantasised without love or intimacy.

7-Your body is a temple. Express yourself freely to your other half otherwise you’ll find it elsewhere without love or intimacy. That’s betrayal.

8-Be honest with yourself or you will always lie to your love.

9-Love is mutual respect and sharing. A lie will never disappear.

10- Betrayal is always on you and not your partner responsibility for your choices. Evaluate your desires before commit. They will not disappear and can only be shared in true love to someone.

11- if you don’t feel desired it’s not your fault but maybe the lack of initiative from your partner. It will boycott your love. And love and intimacy is mutual and only shared at will.

12- Love is not sex. Intimacy is sex with love.

13- Be happy or move on. Love is out here for you somewhere. Be open to it.



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