Editorial 2017


The world is no longer waiting for mates like us to wait in line.  We are the ones that are going to say the rules because we say so. The world is revolving on it’s own in a spin like we never seen before in our short lived life. One thing is for sure: things that haven’t changed are about to. And that change it’s us. The mates of today, the dudes of tomorrow. So as for 2017 we will continuous to focus on the topics of Tips Into Contemporary Living but we will grab the cow by the tits, we’ll be the charming prince, the tiresome bastard, we’ll burn the the house and dance on the (fake) skeletons.

We’ll be offering you mates out there from gardening tips, reviewing and advising skincare and fitness tips for guys, Testosterone and male boldness, DIY, life hackers, traveling and dining advice and promoting free thinking always calling the things by their name. You name it, we are not political correct. We are a self sustainable website that can actually answer your questions and call the things by their name. Education around the web and life quality in all their fronts is on the order of the day. We’ll have our staff running errands to avoid trending tips just because. That’s the spirit we promote. And the body of a God. In the same time we LOVE girls. They are the reason for us to be so we’ll be cutting out the crap of that female/male dated thing and make the order of the day the future of us. We are all mates, with great tips.

Send us your questions, suggestions and anything you feel you would like to see around the web and we’ll be in touch.


On the other hand (or feet) We really wanna wish you all a remarkable 2017 to each and all of you.

Dare to be different. Think and Educate yourself.